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«Nobody ever loses at Giocherenda. We create cooperative and non-competitive game so as to make people understand that everyone can have fun and win together ».

Saifoudiny Diallo, member of Giocherenda collective

Cubi Contafiabe

6 wooden dice with 36 faces. Each of them has a different image: animals, places, characters, actions, objects, etc. The images are used to create collective tales.

The first player rolls one of the dice: a crocodile appears and the tale begins: «Once upon a time there was a crocodile which was happily swimming in a river…». The second player throws another dice and keeps on telling the story: «The crocodile saw a paper airplane twirling above him and felt like he wanted to learn how to fly…». So, as bit by bit, the tale shapes a choral narrative.

Carte Acchiapparicordi

It is a deck of cards. Each of them represents one important word, translated into several languages and associated to images conceived as a surrealist collage. It is a multifaceted tool that can be used in different ways. For instance, one you draw a card and tell an episode of your life connected to the word written on it (“challenge”, “fear”, “conflict”, etc.) or the other players can ask you questions based on the same word. This game motivates people to tell their stories and learn more about each other by creating an intimate atmosphere.

Ronda dei Desideri

It is a board game whose purpose is to make players’ wish come true. Through a rhapsodic combination of various elements, each player will receive a bizarre identity, a surreal context and a series of strange objects, allies, obstacles and virtues.

Starting from these elements, every player shall create the story of how they will manage to realise their dreams. This playful activity enhances imagination and problem solving skills, but it also leads to more serious considerations as inequalities are an obstacle both to the fulfilment of one’s aspirations and to the exercise of fundamental human rights.


Psychologist H. Rorschach used symmetrical inkblots to investigate the human mind, therefore we have decided to take those inkblots so as to create cards that might help us train our imagination. In Phantasmagoria, Marina Warner says, «The brain balks at non-meaning; meaninglessness, like formlessness, becomes the dominant scandal against reason, and reason, seeking to abolish it, generates fantasies ». In these coloured inkblots one can see a plurality of shapes and figures and all of them are equally valid and meaningful. Therefore, they might be considered as the symbols of the beauty of cultural diversity and métissage.

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