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Workshops and Trainings

Workshops and trainings

We also offer learning experiences that are part creative and storytelling workshops, part training concerning intercultural education, empathy and active citizenship.

These workshops might be adapted to formal and informal learning environments so as to meet the needs of both children and adult learners.

The activities usually begin with participants tossing a ball of string to each other in order to create a web of connectedness uniting them all. By doing so, they will notice all the invisible threads connecting us to any other human being and understand that our fates are always intertwined. Afterwards, we focus on our cooperative and non-competitive games in order to help participants get a glimpse of giocherenda’s principles: solidarity and joy of doing things together.

Heroic Imagination Project – Learning resilience

Created by social psychologist Philip Zimbardo, the Heroic Imagination Project training aims at strengthening resistance to environmental pressures. By adopting this approach, the term “hero” loses its rhetorical connotations and starts to be used so as to describe ordinary people who are willing to resist conformist pressures and disobey unjust authorities who intend to oppress and dehumanise us

Giocherenda offers HIP training courses to schools, institutions, associations and companies, both to enhance group dynamics and to acknowledge the talents and potentials of the people working in those organisations.