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Giocherenda studio opening party: Spin the wheel of desires and make your dreams come true!

On December 6th, Giocherenda will hold a special event to celebrate the opening of its new premises, located in via Aragona 25, in the city centre of Palermo.

Giocherenda comes from pulaar (an African language) and it means “solidarity, awareness of interdependence, strength through sharing, the joy of doing things together”. Moreover, this term sounds like the Italian verb “giocare”, i.e. to play. Giocherenda was conceived by a group of unaccompanied minor migrants who moved to Italy a few years ago from different African countries and that have managed to become social entrepreneurs thanks to appropriate guidance and a long training path.

Giocherenda creates cooperative and non-competitive games that ignite narratives, recover memories and foster an attitude of sharing.

Giocherenda is also a socially responsible business model, that manages to connect the economic and cultural dimensions: from selling games targeted at players of all ages, to carrying out workshops on creativity and storytelling, to offering new job opportunities for young and talented Italians.

It is a truly ethical and circular business model based on inclusive and freeing citizenship.

One of the young founders of Giocherenda, Saifoudiny Diallo says “We would like to spread joy, phantasy, solidarity and share our experiences so as to tell people that you can bounce back from adversities, be free and feel connected. Today our dream of creating a business so as to offer job opportunities to Italian youths comes true. We would like to do something for the country which has welcomed us”.

The story of Giocherenda is also the product of a unique urban culture that during the last decades has been capable of welcoming and allowing hopeful newcomers to realise their dreams and their life projects.

For this reason, we decided to invite Leoluca Orlando, mayor of Palermo, and Giuseppe Mattina, Municipal Commissioner for Inclusive Citizenship.

Giocherenda has become an entrepreneurial model thanks to the support of Fondazione con il Sud (iniziativa Immigrazione 2017) and it is one of the initiatives promoted in the framework of “IN GIOCO”, a project coordinated by SEND in cooperation with: Municipality of Palermo, Associazione di volontariato donne di Benin City Palermo, Associazione Libera Palermo, Associazione Senegalese della Sicilia Occidentale, CESIE, Ciai- Centro Italiano Aiuti all’infanzia, Fablab Palermo APS, Per Esempio Onlus

Here we go!

On December 6th, we will hold a special event to celebrate the opening of Giocherenda new premises, located in via Aragona 25 in the city centre of Palermo. We are ready to realise our dream of starting up a social enterprise and continuing to create our games and promote our workshops on storytelling.

This dream would have never come true had we not been supported by those who have always believed in us as they have guided our personal and professional growth.

It is a goal we have achieved all together and for this reason we would like to invite you to our opening party.

Do not miss it!


About Giocherenda

We are a group of creative young people who love inventing and creating new objects with their hands, as well as giving life to games that ignite narratives and foster an attitude of sharing.

Giocherenda comes from pulaar (an African language) and it means “solidarity, awareness of interdependence, strength through sharing, the joy of doing things together”.

We take games seriously!

Since Giocherenda sounds like the Italian verb giocare (to play), we thought that it would be great to use play so as to develop efficient tools enabling people to create their own stories, recall memories and experience the joy of sharing.

We, the people of Giocherenda, come from Guinea, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Morocco. Most of us left their countries due to on-going conflicts and dictatorships, went through a terrible journey while looking for peace, freedom and adventures towards a promising future.

Once in Palermo, we met at school and in reception centres, and we decided to challenge ourselves and the country which is hosting us: we want to give a positive contribution to society by making the most of our creative spirit and sense of initiatives.

In order to give our contribution, we started a human development and cooperation project, with a flipped perspective: our aim is to help everyone discover a mandatory solidarity as we all depend on each other, in a sense to discover the principles of giocherenda

Giocherenda is Bandiougou Diawara, Hajar Lahman, Ibrahim Ture, Magassouba Gassimou, Mustapha Conteh, Omar Sillah, Saifoudiny Diallo, Amadou Diallo, Moussa Sangarè, Dawda Barry, Alpha Oumar Bah, Clelia Bartoli and Valentina Castagna.